Blend strong sealing innovative closure technologies with ergonomic features for product protection and convenience
tomato sauce food jars on shelf
Metal Caps & Closures
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Various brass and silver colored metal jar closures in a pile

云顶集团糖果游戏's metal caps and closures deliver eye-catching visual appeal and easy-open convenience while also extending shelf life.


Preserves Freshness
Prevents Waste

Popular Uses

A mason jar of pickles sits on top of a tan placemat on a rustic wooden table.
Vegetables and fruits
A baby sitting in a highchair is spoon-fed baby food by a person out-of-frame.
Baby foods and puréed foods
A salad with chicken and avocado drizzled with salad dressing
Cooking sauces, marinades and dressings

Metal Closures for PET Containers

Our vacuum metal closures are targeted at brands that are considering a change from glass to PET containers but still seeking the traditional benefits of metal closures, such as superior heat transfer during the heating or cooling processes.

Suitable for use on large mouth (63mm-82mm) PET containers, the range can be fully decorated and can be applied with the same equipment currently used to apply a metal closure to a glass container.

A brass-colored closure on a glass jar
Composite Closures
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Various closures with black composite rims and metal tops

云顶集团糖果游戏’s composite closures combine the advantages of metal closures and plastic caps into a single design that is suitable for a broad range of filling processes for food and beverage packaging applications.


Diverse applications
Functional & protective

Popular Uses

A female-presenting person appears to be handing a red smoothie in a clear glass towards the camera.
Juices, nutritional and health drinks
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Nut butters, preserves and spreads
A tall glass of milk splashes, as if something has been dropped into the class directly from above.
Dairy products

Ideal Closure® 

The award-winning Ideal Closure® offers superior barrier performance, good impact resistance, easier opening and brand differentiation on the retail shelf.

Compatible with glass and plastic containers, the Ideal Closure® is a unique hybrid of a plastisol-lined metal disk and a plastic band. The metal disk forms an airtight seal against the container to prevent oxygen ingress while the consumer-friendly plastic band provides for easy opening. The plastic band includes a perforated ring, which breaks before the seal to provide clear tamper evidence. This eliminates the need for – and added expense of – a secondary inner seal.

Various Ideal Closures with black bands and metal tops