Pet Food

Freshness and quality to uphold family standards
Smiling Adult Woman Feeding Her Siberian Cat Withfood in metal food packaging

Pets are seen as members of the family, meaning their food should meet the same high standards of safety and quality expected by consumers in their own products. With the ability to lock in nutritional value and fresh flavors and block light and oxygen from penetrating the package, metal makes for a standout format that allows for proper nourishment without worry.

The retort process used for metal food packaging makes them some of the safest items on the grocery store shelf, as it destroys a variety of pathogens and deactivates enzymes that might otherwise cause content deterioration. It is also the only process that ensures the complete destruction of spores of B. cereus - a form of food poisoning.

Beyond the retail setting itself, metal food cans offer greater safety and quality control than most other substrates available. As the format moves through the supply chain, its innate barrier properties allow it to be shipped and stored at ambient temperatures without fear of spoilage or degradation—an important point of reassurance for pet owners dedicated to providing fresh, nutrient-dense meals to their animals. Finally, metal also provides a tamper-evident packaging design that flags any potential hazards with the product, building consumer trust. 

Pet Food In the Market